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IN-10561 6-PACK (6-Soft Chews Per Pack) Bobi Bee Manuka Honey Sweet Treat Soft Chews 6-Pack

Part Number IN-105161
IN-10561 6-PACK (6-Soft Chews Per Pack) Bobi Bee Manuka Honey Sweet Treat Soft Chews 6-Pack
6-PACK (6 soft chews per pack)
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IN-10561 6-Pack (6 Soft Chews Per Pack)
Bobi Bee Happy Stomach Treat 100% Healthy
Caffeine-Free . Gluten-Free - No Dairy
Made in USA

B.o.b.i (Best of the Best ingredients)™ Bee
Raw Certified Organic Manuka Honey from the Pristine Nature Preserves
of New Zealand - Cold Processed, Uncooked
Bobi Bee™ Sweet Treat™ Soft Chew is made with powerful RAW ORGANIC KOSHER Manuka Honey (known for its “Good-Sweet-Taste”, its powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties supported by clinical and scientific research). We carefully and precisely blend it with other powerful ingredients.

Organic Evaporated Cane Juice – Mixed with Organic Manuka Honey – A Perfect Natural Beneficial and Healthy Sweetener
Bobi Bee™ Sweet Treat™ Soft Chew is also made with Organic Evaporated Cane Juice, a healthier alternative to refined sugar and can be used as a natural alternative in foods, beverages, and as a safe healthy beneficial sweetener.

Curcumin Flavor A Super Nutrient From Curry Spice
Bobi Bee™ Sweet Treat™ Soft Chew is also made with Curcumin, a natural extract from curry powder. It’s believed to have  powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and can be considered a part of the super nutrient family of foods. Some research suggest that super nutrients may have a positive impact on fat metabolism, has the ability to lower the risk of certain diseases and help in supporting the immune system function.  Curcumin may also be considered a memory and brain food, and a natural extract from curry spice that helps in natural weight loss.
What is Bobi Bee Manuka Honey Sweet Treat Soft Chew
Best of the Best Ingredients - Naturally Sweet and 100% Healthy
Bobi Bee™ Sweet Treat™ is a soft-chew made with known ingredients to help your body build its own health defenses. It boosts you body’s energy naturally and helps your body heal itself. 
Mouthwateringly Delicious with a touch of lemon
Bobi Bee™ Sweet Treat™ is a nutritional soft chew with delicious honey-lemon flavor. It’s sweet but very healthy for you. Eat more often during flu season.
The Healthy-Energy Happy-Stomach Soft, Chewy Treat That’s Good for You!
Boosts and Sustains All-Day Energy That Supports Total Body Health
Eat Bobi Bee™ Sweet Treat™ Soft Chews before or during exercise or long active work days for a balanced and sustainable energy level and alertness. Also, eat a few before or after breakfast, lunch and supper to help you build a stronger healthier body over time, with long-term use. 
Bobi Bee™ Sweet Treat™ Soft Chews are soft and chewy, they melt on your tongue and provide powerful benefits to your body as it travels down your gastrointestinal track.
Lose weight!  Replace Fat-Causing Sugar-Crave Sugary Candies and Chemical Sweeteners. Stop eating unhealthy sugary candies that are loaded with empty quick-high unhealthy calories and substitute with a few Bobi Bee™ Sweet Treats™. Replace unhealthy sugar, coffee and tea sweeteners, and sugary additives that contribute to weight gain, tiredness, and a host of other health problems. Use Bobi Bee™ Sweet Treat™ Soft Chews to sweeten your coffee or tea naturally, while enhancing the benefits to build a stronger body.
Manufactured in World-Class USA Facility
Bobi Bee™ Sweet Treat™ is manufactured in a world class USA facility known for its leadership in the development of innovative delivery systems for the nutraceutical industry. It includes an analytical laboratory with stability chambers, R&D laboratories with segregated product laboratories, and separate cGMP manufacturing area where Bobi Bee™ Sweet Treat™ is manufactured in an uncooked process.
 Organic Manuka Honey
No Dairy . Gluten-Free
Naturally Sweet . Diabetic Friendly
No caffeine - Completely Safe
Not A Quick-High . Fast-Crash
Energy Drink
100% Healthy Energy
Bobi Bee Manuka Honey Sweet Treat
Provides enormous benefits to your Immune System; thus promoting a healthy balanced energy level all day.
Powerful Benefits To Your Stomach
Bobi Bee Manuka Honey Sweet Treatis a powerful health-food delivered in the form of a soft chew that allows for a more effective absorption of the beneficial ingredients all along your Gastrointestinal Track and your stomach!
  • Get the best feeling ever from Bobi Bee Sweet Treat The Happy-Stomach Energy-Treat 100% Healthy.
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